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  • Always a great time!
  • BK 77-80. Looking forward to it!
  • Bamberg 80-82 I'm looking forward the reunion.
  • Plan on attending
  • Paul- There are plans to told "gatherings" of Dragoons on May 23, 2024 to commemorate the Regiments founding world wide. The gatherings will be like mini-reunions. I will be posting an event reminder for these gatherings in the coming days.
  • Will there be a reunion in 2024?
  • Phil Gainer Amberg '68 & '69
  • I would love to attend if my health holds up... plus I was stationed at Fort Campbell a couple of times... so the neighborhood is familiar. The last reunion I made it to was the one at Gettysburg..
  • I plan to attend the Reunion. I tried to respond on my iPhone, but nothing happened. So I responded on my Laptop and it worked. It's possible that I was counted twice.

    Paul Liebeck
    Bamberg, Germany
  • Outstanding!
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